Colorado Satelite services cc Complaints - worst paid service

i purchased 2 DSTV decodes at Makro Cape gate on the 13th June 2019 and contacted Colorado Satelite services to arrange for installation, within 30 minutes my husband received a SMS notifying us installation could be done that exact day. Bradley and Tohir was the two installers that came out while drilling the the hole for the cable to run threw the wall started cracking as i am not sure if the correct drill was used. the primary decoder was playing and i was told at that point i would require to pay an amount that day in order to watch the extra view i then advised them i couldnt be able to up until the 20th June 2019. on the 20th June the debit order goes off and i immediately noted the 2nd decoder was not playing reflecting a E143 error. i called into multi choice call centre and was told its not something they could fix as that specific code relates to incorrect installation. i proceeded to contact Mr Salaie from Colorado Staelite services and was advised someone should be coming out. lorenz one of the installers then swopped the decoders around and change some cable( not sure as i am not all clued up with the jargon)it then worked for about 10 minutes and then same error code appeared. while the installers were still trying i then contacted Mr Salie once again and advised that what ever is being tried is not working could he possibly deal with the issue at hand personally while on speak he then told lorenz to use his brain. after many attempts and no results i was advised he would then send out his more senior installers out the Monday 1st July 2019. on the 1st July two guys (not sure of the names) came out check the signal with all there tools and was told to visit multi choice in N1 center as we were sold faulty decoders. the very next day i visited the multi choice in N1 city as i was told and was helped by the consulted name Thuli, she then advised us the system is offline however will plug in both decoders to check. the minute she plugged in both worked. while being assisted at multi choice i then contacted Mr Salie once again and advised him i did everything as a client and was told to contact the office. the office then advised me they will be able to send out installers on the 3rd July 2019 at 5pm. 3rd July at 5:15pm i SMS Mr Salie asking if the installers are on there way and was told he is on the road and i should contact the office. i called the office only to be told no one is scheduled to address our issue and that someone could only make there way out on the 4th July at 10am. today i have no signal on the 2nd decoder reflecting error E143 however i paid in full on the 13th June for the services and being told numerous times i wont even get money back for all the days lost. I am at a complete lost on what to do as I am being given the run around. I am so disappointed in the type of service received

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