Four Seasons Flames Restuarant Complaints - Worst Service

On the 8th I made reservations for my birthday for Dinner and we never at ate because the waiter never came to take our order after we told him how hungry we were and he should find out if we can place an order and move to the dining area once the food was read. An hour 30 minutes passed that's when we realize we didn't have a waiter. Had a flight the following morning at 7 so we left without eating so much for a birthday girl. When I got back I decided to contact the restuarant about the worst service that I received from their stuff which I had to call for almost 2 weeks until somebody could get back to me. Finally I received an email inviting me back to the restaurant and that the matter was dealt with internally and wether I was keen on coming back for a brunch so that he can send the vouchers. I accepted the offer but ever since I haven't received anything from them and I called in to find out what was happening and the people kept on promising they will get back to which hasn't happened. Seemingly the managers have the same problem of not taking customers seriously. I believe it's bad service from management all the way down to the stuff. I had high expectations for the place and they didnt deliver at all and I'm highly disappointed. I've attached email correspondence and that was the last time I heard from the gentleman.

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