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To whom it may concern

On December 26th 2017 my car broke on my way home from a family outing. I called auto and general as I needed a tow due to my car not being able to drive. I spoke to a consultant who told me that it would take about an hour for the truck to get there.Stuck on the highway in the scorching heat with my wife and 2 kids(4 years old and 7 months old).The consultant advise me that it would take an hour for the towing company to be there i then advised her that my phones battery is flat and that she should call me on an alternative number which i gave her.. After an hour i called back and was told that she would call me back on the alternative number i gave which she didn't, after a while i called back and insisted that she give me the towing company's contact details and when i called them i was told that they were waiting all this time for the consultant to call them with my contact details so that they could contact me for my location. She simply forgot to send them my contact details, while i was stuck in the middle of nowhere in the extreme heat - far from any garage or shop, she did not have any consideration for me and i even told her that i have a small baby and its very hot but she clearly didn't care. Is this how a loyal customer gets treated? A time that I really needed my insurance they really let me down. I am really disappointed in the pathetic service i got and to make matters worse when the truck finally did arrive it was a tow truck when i specifically requested a flatbed which obviously the tow company was not aware of as the consultant failed to inform them. I had to call someone to come all the way (which is appro 72km) and get my kids as i feared they would become dehydrated or getting a heat stroke. 3 hours later! 3 long hours later finally, i had managed to get the right truck to take me home. the consultant was incompetent clearly and had no consideration for me as a paying customer. I didn't even receive an apology never mind being compensated for my suffering caused by AUTO & GENERAL. This tells me that AUTO & GENERAL does not care about their customers and that I need to change my insurance!

Mr R Van der poel

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