Clientele Complaints - Worst service signing me up for medical aid

Good day Hellopeter,

My name is Aziza Jacobs, i am a pensioner that’s diabetic and was a client for clientele for 14 months and was never so disappointed before. I used my daughter’s banking details in order to pay the medical scheme I was on until two weeks ago I got sick and went with my medical aid documents to the hospital and I was told by one of the doctors that the medical aid I received from clientele was not a 100% medical aid but it was the wrong policy that one of clientele agents sold to me which was on the 4th of September 2016 and I was promised it was a 100% hospital plan. The managing director whereby my documents were signed off by was Basil Reeke. I feel I was misled in order for the agent to get a sale out of me. If I wouldn’t of gotten sick I wouldn’t of known that it was the wrong policy that the agent had sold to me and I also haven’t received any medical card but when I enquired about it and contacted clientele about it, again one of the agents said I do not need a medical card and that my documents was proof enough. My daughter contacted to cancel the policy in which it wasn’t and the agent which name was Vikesh i spoke to last week and Thursday 23rd of November 2017 and said I am still on the system and that my plan was not cancelled. I asked Vikesh if I could kindly speak to a Manager and his response were that there were no managers around. I then asked Vikesh if it was possible if he could tell me the agent’s name that sold me incorrect hospital plan in which the agent said it was a 100% hospital plan, Vikesh’s response were he couldn’t tell me as it is confidential. Vikesh suggested that I should lay a complaint and I was told once I cancel I should receive an email with the cancellation documents in which I haven’t received any email from clientele. I then sent an email to clientele’s website with my unsolved query and the automated response was that I should receive a call within two working days and it has been four working days and I haven’t received any calls. For the first 6 months I have been paying R438pm and thereafter it went up by R40 in which I was paying R478pm. All these months was wasted and it’s a huge financial loss and the hospital in which I went to has put an expense on my shoulders which it was something I tried to prevent in the first place. Every time I asked clientele for help they keep ignoring me and this step has forced me to seek legal advice whereby I was advised that before heading to stage 1 through the Ombudsman, I need to give clientele an opportunity to resolve the matter out of court and this is the reason for me lodging this complaint as I failed to receive any response from clientele this far. I would never refer clientele if this is how they base their business on misleading people. As to my complaint being resolved is by me getting my money back as the service promised was not resolved and I would like to prevent people from being misled the way I was. Does the agent have no principle and does clientele have no values which are based on the ethical law of sales within South Africa. I am just following the right processes as advised and I am giving clientele 72 hours to make contact with me.
My email address is: [email protected]
Contact number is: 0744479187.
My clientele policy number is: 612856904.
I urge clientele to reply with intention to resolve, in order to save time and bad publicity.
Kind regards,
Aziza Jacobs

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