NWU Porchefstroom Complaints - Would not release my honours degree certificate

I could not attend my graduation this year, at the NWU Potchefstroom, since I had to work and could not get a day off to drive all the way to Potchefstroom just to receive my certificate. I had not realized until recently that we need to pay to receive our degrees in absentia which in actual fact is absolute rubbish.
I did not have the luxury of my parents paying for my studies I had to take a huge loan from a bank to PAY the university to complete my honours and now I need to PAY to receive my cetrificate for a degree which I have already PAID for. That makes no sense.
I did my undergrad at Unisa and was also unable to attend my graduation due to work! They however posted me my certificate without me having to put through as much as a phone call and Unisa has 10 (probably more) times as many students as NWU Potchefstroom.
I have checked at other universities including UJ and Wits,and these universities has no such rules, that a student needs to pay money to receive their certificate in absentia.
This a horrible money making scheme.

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