Vodacom Complaints - Wrongfully accused and judged

To whom it may concern.

I have been a loyal customer for more then 20 years. Been from prepaid to contract through Altech autopage then directly with Vodacom.

Now my contract is due for upgrade and what better way to spoil the wife with a new Samsung Note 9?

the in-store packages and online packages are not the same, but the inline packages gives a Samsung gear for the same price as what you would get only the phone in-store.

so i called customer care line to guide me through the process of getting this phone and gear on the same current contract number.

Only to be disappointed!! they state i cannot take out this upgrade due to a low credit score?!? For many years my credit score has been in good order with all my accounts and credit cards from the different bank.

So who are they (Vodacom) to decline me this??

Could not attach my Transunion credit report and rating for all the accounts i have...due to the file uploader that does not allow PDFs?

Feeling disappointed in Vodacom for actually telling me my account and moneys payable is not enough!!

Feeling like cancelling my contract and taking my business elsewhere!!

Please advise on the way forward?

J-P Jordaan

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