Uber Complaints - Wrongfully charged

I requested an Uber ride on the 28th using my debit card, instead another person my ride and an amount R528.24 was deducted off my account. I wouldn't have had a problem had it been cash because the rider would have paid for themselves

The driver was supposed to ask the person/people who were riding if they are the ones who requested. I am familiar with the uber app, had I requested for someone else I would have done so

I was left stranded as I was preparing myself to go take my ride, next thing I get billed. I've sent them 2 requests to look into my query but no one has gotten back to me.

I would like a full refund for my ride. Its frustrating, so much of my money giving away to strangers because of an unprofessional driver who failed to check. My account even has my face on it just to be sure. Why don't they have a 2 step verification method? To ensure the person riding is the actual person?

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