UNISA Complaints - Zero accountability of markers of examination scripts

This is my second degree I am doing through UNISA. I have gone to the Ombudsman and still zero joy. I used to be a Golden Key member whilst studying at the University of the Freestate. .. now apparently I cant manage 40% in a exam... I wrote six examination last year 2017, ever since the exams have been released I have been emailing and phoning UNISA everyday but absolutely no response, no comprehension of what I am saying to them. It is like they do not understand English. I finally got a copy of all six my UNISA examinations answer scripts and the marking is a disgrace. As an SACE registered FET educator all I can say is I wish I could do what the markers of my papers did and just refuse to even read the content... and there is zero accountability from anyone in that entire Psychology Department. Since WHEN is acceptable for an examination to only have ONE marker? There is suppose to be a second marker assigned to an exam to ensure quality control. Out of my six examinations, not one was moderated. There are suppose to be ticks made next to relevant facts in essays.... that was not done either, just an allocated mark to an entire essay with no other indication that the essays were even read. In my previous degree I also had altercation with one of my lecturers where they gave me zero for an assignment because of my student number being in the "wrong place... " I will most definitely not be doing my Masters degree through UNISA and I urge the public not to waste their time and money on this University like I have.

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